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    I've searched for and read the previous subwoofer threads, but my problem is somewhat unique.
    I'm getting 5 identical speakers that lack bass, rolling off at 166 Hz (-3 dB). I'll probably add woofers to them eventually. For now, I'd like to crossover to my subwoofer at 200 Hz, or maybe a little lower. I will shortly get a new sub, probably a forward-firing VMPS New Original Sub.
    My theater's room is irregularly shaped both horizontally and vertically, roughly 20 feet high by 30 feet deep, with a cathedral ceiling that starts at 9 feet high. The RPTV is at the lower end. There is no one back wall, as it is broken into 4 pieces at different distances and elevations. The listening position is in front of a stubby wall that is 10 feet from the RPTV.
    Assuming I'm going to have at least moderate problems with bass becoming directional with this high crossover, where should I put my subwoofer?
    A) As close to front-center as possible.
    B) Get two subs and place them under or next to the mains.
    C) Behind the couch, against the stubby partial wall.
    D) In a front corner.
    E) Place the sub where you sit, crawl around until you can't hear where it is, then put the sub there.
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    I thought you were getting the VMPS 626Rs. They go down to 40Hz in some placements.

    Only the "ribbon" driver goes down to 166Hz.

    Or did you decide on different mains?

    As far as the woofs, You might consider two subs, with one in a front corner and one on the opposite wall behind the listening area (since you won't have a corner back there)

    Run them out of phase so that as one is pushing air the other is pulling. This might yield the best air movement "at the listening position".

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