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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Bill Polley, Oct 18, 2003.

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    Apr 18, 2002
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    After reading pretty much everything I can find on subwoofer placement, effects of placement on output, etc, and "stereo vs single vs one for each speaker" debates, I have been considering an alternative.

    How is the sound of a sub affected if it is in its own nook? What I mean is...if I build a room in which there is a nook in the center of the front wall in which to place the sub, what will the effects be? If, for instance, I build the front wall with an indention, say three feet wide and three feet deep, with the nook's side walls coming back to the main wall on a 60 degree angle, so that the opening at the front wall is 6 feet across, what would the effects be? Would I get more, less, or the same room gain as I would if the sub is placed in a corner? Would the effects of the nook walls be offset by the fact that the sub is still placed in the center of the front wall?

    If the sub could be placed this way, I was thinking that perhaps the bass would be less easily located, as my mains are crossed over at 60hz, and my center, crossed over at 100hz would JUST in front of the sub.

    Would this create other problems that I have overlooked. Would room acoustics hurt a placement like this? I am building a theater room to .6 X 1 X 1.6 dimensions with about a 23 foot length. By setting it back in the nook, I could effectively lengthen the room a bit as far as reflective bass waves are concerned.

    Anybody have any thoughts???
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    So it sounds like you are attempting to build a corner effect in the middle of the room?

    Since you are building the HT I think it would be worth a try. If you don't like the nook you could just slide the sub forward and wall off the nook.

    As a benefit of using a nook, you could even place a mesh type screen in front of the nooked-sub, thus making the sub visually disappear. This could make your primary speakers seem really impressive!

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