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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by brettecantwell, Oct 11, 2012.

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    My HTIB has some smaller satellite speakers. my center speaker has two 3.25 cones with a 1" tweeter and my fronts have just one 4" cone and 1" tweeters in each. my surrounds are full range with 3.25 cones.
    according to the manual the fronts go down to 60hz, the center goes to 65 hz and the surrounds go to 85hz.
    I can only adjust one crossover setting in the receiver, nothing for individual speakers, and the book suggests 120hz, but if i go according to my speakers' frequency response i could ??maybe?? lower it some?
    Ive tried all the settings and i can tell the sub takes over more with higher crossover, but im still lost as to how low these speakers can actually go. I am guessing they will no go down to their lowered frequency and still be clean sounding. Ive heard set the crossover 10 higher than the highest rated speakers in the group (which would be 85hz for the surrounds) I dont know if i should set the crossover to 120z like the book says or try 80 or 90 or 100. I just dont want to leave a big hole in my sound.
    Do calibration discs have tones at different frequencies than you can just play and actually hear how cleanly the speakers sound at lower frequencies??
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    Without "real information" (which I doubt the manual provides) about where the cutoff is for 60/65/85hz...
    You can only follow the advice of the manufacturer. My guess(and probably accurate) is the 60/65 is based on -10db. Which makes that 60/65 completely useless.
    You "could" purchase one of the many Digital Video Essentials discs(find them used on Ebay as "DVE Calibration". Available in DVD and BD)
    Or go here...
    There are other options...Disney WOW(which has bit parts at the end of many Disney discs)
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    I second Sam's idea that the manual probably has 60hz as the -10db point. There are few, very few, 3.5" speakers that will play that low with any authority at all. Setting the crossover lower than 120hz leaves huge dip in the overall frequency response of the system.

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