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Brian Corr

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May 10, 1999
Parasound Halo C1 pre/pro, $2800
Parasound HCA-855 85x5 amp, $400
Von Schweikert System 12 (3 LCR-15's in African Hazelwood, pair of TS-150 surrounds, VSA sub), $2000
JBL Northridge 5.0 system, 4 N24 bookshelf speakers and the N center speaker, $300

Some of this is my stuff, some belongs to friends who have asked me to help them sell. Let me know if you'd like more info, pics, etc.
Everything works and is in good to excellent condition.
The C1 has all the original packaging and manuals, functions perfectly and is cosmetically in great condition.
The HCA-855 has a few scuffs here and there but nothing major and works great. No original box but will be packed up to survive shipping.
The Von Schweikert's are less than 6 months old and a friend needs to sell them due to a job change and lack of income coming in at the moment. Excellent condition and will ship in original packaging.
The JBL N speakers are in great condition with minor scuffs (back and sides, fronts look new) from normal use. Original box is gone but I'll pack to survive shipping. Wall mounting hardware that came with them is included.

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