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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Yumbo, May 19, 2003.

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    BUENA VISTA as mentioned earlier have started inserting ads in the covers.

    UNIVERSAL have started double-sided discs (PIANIST) to cater for special features. TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE had a movie as the extra.

    MGM alert - DADay uses some extra sticky adhesive on the security stickers, so take care when removing.

    The best, at least the FUNNIEST comes from COLUMBIA with their pseudo SuperBit title (includes French track, trailer, animated menus) ADAPTATION.

    This is related to the recent 'no insert' trend and subsequent rants.

    It comes in a clear amaray (not superclear ala brackleys which is easier to read through) and a double-sided cover! This would be the first major recent title to do this.

    But there's more. In line with no inserts (which occurs at least mostly in R4 - covers are DS as a standard), the clips and associated gap causes slicks to indent; the reverse artwork is quite clever with a torn notepad sheet listing the chapter stops on far left.

    INSERTED on top of that area is a memo bookmark reading:

    "Columbia LOGO

    from the desk of...
    Robert Stephenson

    Clair... Please use a DVD case without these clips. We don't have anything to clip in. Can you find out about pricing and a time frame for this?


    Make of it what you will - just a bit of chatty trivia to share (took a while to write).

    Apologies if this is utterly useless information. I'll buzz off and watch some movies...silently.

    Moce [​IMG]
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    I like the surprise commentaries we've been getting from Warners lately. The Daniel Stern and Jon Lovitz commentary on City Slickers II was a treat that wasn't really announced. Also, the One Crazy Summer commentary with Savage Steve Holland, Curtis Armstrong and Bobcat Golthwaith was hilarious, too - and also not announced. There's also a cast and director commentary on The In-Laws.

    About a year ago, Warner Bros. used to announce these commentaries long before they were even recorded. In some cases (Albert Finney on Wolfen, Michael Caine on The Swarm, Arnold on Collateral Damage) the commentaries never took place and the DVDs ended up with no commentary - which I thought was a dishonest practice. I'm very glad that they have improved. Maybe my reporting them to the Better Business Bureau had something to do with it [​IMG] (probably not)

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