Studio Hybrid: Unable to use HDMI Output to 42" TV, works on smaller TV

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    Hi everybody, I have a problem that I would like to hear if anybody have any input on.

    I recently bought a Dell Studio Hybrid for the sole purpose of using it as an HTPC. Since it had HDMI output I thought this would be an easy setup. It turns out I can not get it to work with my Panasonic 42" Plasma TV whereas it works fine with my 32" Vizio (bedroom TV).

    I have been on the phone with Dell Support and they state that it must be an issue with the TV. I have an AppleTV connected to the same HDMI port using the same HDMI cable (not at the same time of course) and it works fine. Because of this I can not see how it can be a problem with the TV. What am I missing here?

    The resolution I am testing with is 1024x768. Previously, a Dell technician came out to replace the motherboard and he stated that it could be because the Intel graphics adapter on the Studio Hybrid wasn't powerful enough to output to the larger TV. But 1024x768 should be the same output regardless of the TV size, shouldn't it?

    The large TV is a Panasonic TH42-PX600U -

    The small TV is a Vizio 32 VW32L 720p LCD HDTV -

    Can anyone confirm if they have a Studio Hybrid outputting to a large (42"+) TV? I am not sure how to proceed from here so please let me know if you have any input.

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    Welcome to the Forum, Brian! Hope you stick around, there are lots of good folk with good information here.

    I have not heard that one before. You are correct in guessing TV size doesn't matter. The graphics adapter only sends 1s and 0s via an HDMI connection, no power.

    You are most likely outputting 720p as a video signal, yes? Have you tried 1080i or 480 to see if the plasma can get any signal using HDMI? Have you tried using a different HDMI source to the plasma to be sure the input works? According to Panasonic, you have two HDMI ports on the back of the plasma. Have you tried both of them (and made sure you selected them in the TV's menu)? I am not familiar with that plasma model, but does it automatically display in the resolution sent to it, or is it user selectable? (For example: you may have to select 720p output from the Studio Hybrid and select 720p on the Panasonic too.)

    Others may chime in with unique knowledge of the Studio Hybrid series or that particular Panasonic model. Let us know if you figure anything out.

    Edit: I just re-read where you have an AppleTV hooked up that HDMI port so it looks like that port may be ok.
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    I have a Studio Hybrid connected via HDMI onto a Panny TH-42PZ80U outputting at 1080p. Worked the first time I plugged it in. I didn't even have to adjust the resolution as the PC automatically outputs at the best resolution.
    Ur PC might even have a better GPU than mine so I don't see it being the problem. Clinton pretty much covered the gamut of stuff to check.
    Maybe has something to do with handshaking between us Studio and Panny.
    Sorry if I am not of real help.

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