Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?


Mar 26, 2007
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I watched this when it originally aired. At the time I felt more like I had to than wanted to for some reason. I think I'd like it even more now if I got it. Your comments suggest it's still available?


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Apr 2, 2004
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Okay i wanted to know if this show was on BluRay and i see now that it's not and may never be. My DVD copy from years ago has run into a peculiar problem. Episode three on the first disc of season one is malfunctioning. It is sluggish and won't play save for a moment or two at the bigining and that is glitchy and unwatchable at best..It stops the Playstation 4 entirely and freezes the deck. and it aloso won't play on the computer. What's peculiar about that is that i ordered another copy on Amazon from a user and got it today. As soon as i put the first disc in i went to the third ep on disc 1. Glitch. How does this happen you ask? I don't know. I know it worked at one time i Think because iv'e Seen the episode in question. and i've had the dvd for years and occasionally rewatch Sorkin shows. I can't remember any problems but the peculiar thing is that even when i bought another box set of the show from someone else in the country, It had the SAME PROBLEM! I have found that there is Another episode down the line that likewise doesn't work on my box set, but i'm too wary (or weary) to try and find it on the new box set that just arrived. so i have to send it back. The show is terrific. Much maligned and worth Everyone who passed on it to take a look, but alas, i must wait for a Blu Ray release. Maybe if i buy a New one from Best Buy i'll have more luck
Depending on when it was produced, it's probably the glue between the two layers (I think). There was a replication facility that WB used that had problems with dual-layer discs. You might try contacting WB and see if they'll send you a replacement. I've not watched my set for awhile. I should dust it off and watch again, not just for the enjoyment, but to see if the discs are still playable.

Like others here, I was a fan of this show (I never watched that 'other' show 30 Rock) and really hated when it was cancelled. Also, like others here, I think blu-ray chances are slim. However, since this is Warner Brothers, it stands a better chance with them (via the Warner Archive) than with most of the other studios. I'm sure there are some HD masters sitting on the shelf (at least the broadcast masters) that could be slapped on a couple of BDs and a run of 3,000 (or whatever the minimum) replicated. The Archive has done BDs of other recent shows that probably wouldn't get them otherwise (like Young Sheldon). I really wish Modern Family had been a WB show. We'd probably have BDs for all seasons if it had been (though most of those seasons would likely have been from the Archive rather than WB proper).
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