Struggling with new TV decision. Opinions welcome.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jay_Via, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Hey all, just wanted to see if i could get a few outside views on my current new tv deliberation.

    I was looking at several of the newer technologies, particularly the Sony SXRD (60") and the JVC HD-ILA (70"). I also like the new Mitsu 1080p DLP but i think that both the Sony and the JVC beat out the Mitsu (IMO) so they are the top contenders right now, particularly the JVC.

    However, im struggling because of the price of the new sets. At ~$4500, i could either get:

    A)1 new-tech tv


    B)a 65" RP CRT (Mitsu), an ISF calibration, a 5ch amp for my surround sound, an SVS subwoofer, an Xbox 360, a new upconverting DVD player, a Harmony remote and one or two other small things that ive been wanting.

    Hence the struggle. I cant afford a new-technology tv and all that other stuff.

    I primarily watch DVDs and DirecTV. Whenever i do make my TV decision, i will be getting both an HD cable box (Time Warner) as well as an HD DirecTV box for football (NFL Sunday Ticket).

    Heres my main question: Would a CRT with a high quality ISF calibration be comparable to a new-tech TV?

    Thanks guys. Any help you can provide will be a big relief for me.
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    A CRT RPTV can give the same quality picture as new technology, maybe better in some respects such as black level.

    You would want 100 point convergence and would need to adjust that periodically.

    The TV would be much heavier and perhaps take up more space than new technology.

    You would want to have the contrast set much lower than maximum to prolong the life of the tubes.

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    Well, you certainly nailed the delima well enough.

    I know it is tough, but general one product that you really want, out weighs an entire system where comprimises were made.

    Now, have you looked at all the technologies in person? A few years ago, when I did this, good ol CRT RP came out on top for me as the technology of choice for me. This wa sbased on just a ton of factors.

    These days, I lean towards LCD RP.. Well LCD FP as well. [​IMG]

    Do you like to sit close? 1080p should allow you to sit very very close to the display. I mean, I am amazed at how close you can sit to a Sony 720p LCD RP in all honesty.

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