Strictly Ballroom Mini Review


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May 8, 2001
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I bought Strictly Ballroom today, and it looks good. The picture is clean, but rather soft. The colors are well represented, but again, everything feels a bit soft (I think it's just how it was shot, but...). There is some grain on the shots with titlecards (ie: the introductions), and, oddly enough, on a shot of President Barry Fife when he declares "no new steps" (perhaps because there was a dissolve). It's also anamorphic. The 5.1 remix is fine and conveys dialogue nicely. The music also comes across well. As for extras, Mr. Luhrmann himself described it pretty well on his recent interview at The Digital Bits. To paraphrase: "Strictly Ballroom was a smaller movie, and the extras represent that." There's the commentary with Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin (whom he keeps calling CM, in this and in Romeo + Juliet), and choreographer John O'Connell. Baz gives away some long-kept "secrets" during the commentary, and it's informative. There is the original 30-minute documentary which inspired Strictly Ballroom, presented full frame in 2.0 sound, which looks fine for an extra. It's an interesting documentary, but is a little long and somewhat repetative. Then there's a "Design Gallery," which has about 5 narrated photo gallerys (except one isn't narrated because it's about ten seconds long). There are CG transitions to each gallery. Finally, there are "sneak peaks," including trailers for Chocolat and others...but no Strictly Ballroom trailer. Also, there is an Easter Egg containing a deleted scene from the film, which runs for about a minute and a half, and seems pretty important (shows what Wayne does for Mr. Fife). The sound is bad, and the picture looks like rough film...but it's fine. Anyway, I think it comes out on Tuesday, and it's a good disc, overall.

Kai Zas

Second Unit
Jan 24, 2002
Been thinking about this one for a while now. Want to complete the "red curtain"-collection.

How does this compare to Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge?

Sutjahjo Ngaserin

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 30, 1997
Personally, I would rank Strictly Ballroom as the bes Baz movie, with Moulin Rouge a distant Second and Romeo + Juliet simply not worth watching...

Joseph J.D

Effects Supervisor
Senior HTF Member
Dec 4, 2001
Sadly, Canadians like myself are probably going to be screwed regarding this film. I don't see it listed on the Futureshop website as coming soon. This leads me to believe that it's another problem regarding rights issues in Canada. This is always the problem with independant films over here. I guess I'll just have to pick this up stateside on a road trip later this summer.

Gary Harris

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 8, 2000
Joseph...I think Lion's Gate has the Canadian rights to it since I saw it today at our local supermarket in a display for 5.99cdn. No specs. Just an el cheapo release.

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