Strange problem with TV remote

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    I ran into a strange problem with the remote for my Panasonic PT51HX41 TV.

    I was in the service menu doing the 64 point convergence when the up/down(channel) buttons and the power button gave up on me. The rest of the buttons on the remote seem fine, I can change the volume and the input, for example, but the power and the channel up/down keys don't do anything.

    I have a Pronto remote in which I have a CCF file from another Panasonic model that I'm trying to modify for this TV, and I can turn it on and off and change channels with that, so I think it is not a problem with the TV. However, I cannot use that remote for the service menu.

    The TV is only about 2 weeks old. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    I've had this happen myself on occasion. Most tv remotes these days will also control other equipment like sat. receivers and such. They have buttons or slide switches on them that switch them to control the other devices. When this is done, the volume and some other controls will still work the tv, but other buttons like channel numbers won't. If some of the "shifted" buttons are needed for service menu adjustments, they will no longer work if the remote is set to control something other than the tv.

    I think you may have accidentally shifted your remote out of tv control mode. Look for buttons or a slide switch with different device labels and select TV, should solve your problem.

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