strange prob. w/directv signal

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    Hi. I'm using a Sony SATb3 for Directv and have an OTA coax into it as well. I have the svideo running to my x81 and the VHF/Sat (coax) out running to a splitter that feeds two other sets on other rooms.

    Now since we set this up we could always get whatever Sat channel was on the box to the other 2 tv's. We have a remote extender in the bedroom and could switch stations using this. It worked well...

    The problem is that beginning a couple weeks ago I can no longer get DirecTV signal to the sets via the splitter! I know the splitter and connections are OK because we get OTA on them (via the splitter) just fine The Svideo feed to the x81 wirks just fine.

    Has anyone else seen this? Is it possible that there's a problem with the SATb3 box such that its not passing the dish signal to VHS/Sat out?

    Any advice will be appreciated

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    If a splitter is used with a Sat signal you will get intermittent or (in your case) no performance. The OTA stuff goes through fine because it is sent at a different frequency than satellite. If you're going to try to use splitters you should make sure you have a high quality splitter that carries the frequencies required to transmit a satellite signal. Generally a satellite signal should not be split. Regards.
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    Bob Lindstrom
    Is it possible that the Channel Out (3/4) selector on the back of your satellite receiver got switched?

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