Strange ... my Latest CE Obsession is a Photo Printer!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Scott Dautel, Oct 12, 2001.

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    Seems about every 6 months, I latch on to some new, gotta-have-it piece of consumer electronic gear. I'm guessing there's one or two others here with a similar affliction.
    Anyway, the current object of my obsession is a printer --- how wierd is that? Back in July, my interest was on digital cameras (scored a Kodak DX3600 that time!) I'm just amazed at the quality you can get with a new inkjet and a digi-camera.
    So this new printer from HP is just too cool! No computer required; here's the deal:
    1) Insert photo Compactflash (or SmartMedia or Sony Memory Stick) card in printer slot
    2) 1 button prints a proof sheet with thumbnail pics.
    3) You use a black pen to fill in the circle below the pics you want printed
    4) at the bottom of proof sheet, select print size & paper type
    5) Proof sheet goes back on the scanner glass & hit go!
    6) all selected photos are printed in minutes.
    and you get a stand-alone scanner, copier & fax to boot all for MSRP of $400!
    These units must be popular in that BestBuy is often out of stock.
    Watch out HP PSC 950 ... you'll be mine soon!
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    Nick So
    Yeah, i always have CE obsessions...
    Well, obsessions at least...
    First it was a Digital Camcorder... Got that..
    Then it was... a reciever... Got that...
    Then there were a couple cars in between, didnt get them...
    Now its a new HD ready RPTV... Toshiba 53HX71... [​IMG]
    The So Family Home Theater!
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