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    First Time on DVD!

    Gregg Araki’s landmark



    “Totally F***ed Up,” the fourth feature film from the provocative and talented filmmaker Gregg Araki, debuts on DVD as a Director’s Vision Edition in the Strand Releasing Home Video series. “Totally F***ed Up” is a look into the lives of a group of gay and lesbian teens struggling with their emergent identities in the homophobic 90’s and will street June 28th.

    Upon its initial theatrical release, “Totally F***ed Up” was hailed by the Los Angeles Times as one of the year’s Ten Best. The San Francisco Examiner proclaimed the film “a breakthrough,” while The Advocate exclaimed, “a candid, knowing, often funny look at gay teen hell.” The San Francisco Chronicle, perhaps, gave the film its greatest rave: “A 90’s version of ‘The Breakfast Club.’”

    Digitally remastered by its director, for which he claims this film is his “most challenging, high-risk and heartfelt movie yet,” “Totally F***ed Up” is a funny, sensitive and honest story of troubled gay youth. The ordinary struggle of adolescence is bad enough, but if you’re a gay or lesbian teenager, life’s growing pains ache even more. In “Totally F***ed Up” – a phrase used by one of the character’s to describe himself, six interconnected, racially diverse teenagers living in Los Angeles are seemingly isolated from the rest of the world, ostensibly disengaged from everything , both as a function of their age and sexual identity. The film explores the problems confronting queer youth a decade ago (which is also still relevant today) – AIDS, alienation, suicide, drugs, fagbashing, violence and not having a date on a Saturday night. Among the friends is an appealing young guy (James Duval, “Independence Day,” “Donnie Darko”) who doesn’t believe love exists until he meets a slightly older but vastly more experienced man, a teenage couple whose relationship becomes jeopardized when one of them strays, and a solid, good-humored lesbian couple.

    The open-structured “Totally F***ed Up” epitomizes Araki’s ‘guerilla’ style of filmmaking, using title cards and grainy, black and white interviews to counterpoint the vignettes documenting the trial and tribulations of this group of friends. Refreshingly, there’s little angst among them about being gay – these young men and women aren’t wringing their hands with guilt or doubt. Rather the emotional baggage associated with being gay or lesbian comes in the form of homophobes, parents rejecting their kids for being gay, and the sexual transience that often marks gay relationships.

    Written, directed, photographed and edited by Gregg Araki, whose other credits include “The Living End,” “The Doom Generation’ and the forthcoming “Mysterious Skin,” “Totally F***ed Up” stars Duval, Academy Award nominated director Roko Belic (“Genghis Blues”), Susan Behshid, Jenee Gill, Gilbert Luna, Lance May and Alan Boyce.

    The DVD of “Totally F***ed Up” offers the following additional features: a brand new digital transfer and 5.1 Stereo surround remix supervised by the director, commentaries by director Gregg Araki and actors James Duval and Gilbert Luna, trailers of other Araki films including “Mysterious Skin,” original poster art and press kit, and never before seen still photos from the set.

    The Strand Releasing Home Video Website:
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    Thanks for the announcement!

    This is Araki's best film IMHO.

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