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    Was just listening to the commentary by Tim Zinneman and Alvin Sargent on From Here to Eternity and the first thing mentioned was that the two had worked together on Straight Time.
    For some reason, the connection had completely slipped my mind and it reminded me ever more how much I'd like to see Straight Time on DVD. The film remains critically underrated and unrecognized. Dustin Hoffman contributes some of the greatest work of his career and the supporting cast of Harry Dean Stanton, M. Emmet Walsh, Theresa Russell, Gary Busey, and Kathy Bates is impeccable.
    Based on the book No Beast So Fierce by former thief and convict Edward Bunker (who also appears in the film), the film retains the tension, grittiness, and contempt for the flawed criminal justice system of the novel and remains a searing cinematic statement twenty-four years after its release.
    I'd love to see this film on DVD in time for its twenty-fifth anniversary.
    And since Sargent and Zinneman provided such a good commentary for a film they didn't work together on, I'm sure they'd provide an excellent one for Straight Time, along with the added contributions of Hoffman, director Ulu Grosbard, and Bunker himself.
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    An excellent film and one of my most wanted titles on DVD. I saw this at a revival house in the late 80's and ever since, I've been hoping that it would appear on laser or DVD. This film doesn't deserve to be obscure.

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