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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Hugh Jackes, Aug 3, 2005.

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    I have searched, and if anyone has addressed this questionon this forum, I haven't found it.

    I recently rewatched this little gem. I have a question: what was the gun shot in the basement all about? See the spoiler for amplifying description.

    Near the end of the movie, Kevin Dunn goes down into the basement. We hear a gunshot and assume that he has killed himself out of his guilt in the death of the young girl. Then the other bad guys (landlord and his son) come and they are about to kill Kevin Bacon and his wife. Riding to the rescue, comes Kevin Dunn, killing the bad guys.
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    I always figured it was just a bit of misdirection, and he in fact shot the gun out of anger and frustration. He was obviously in an upset state rushing Bacon out of the basement and all, so he likely just shot the gun as a way to release some of his anger.
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    I figured that
    Kevin Dunn fires the gun first to get Kevin Bacon out of the basement and then intends to kill himself. But he doesn't go through with it, likely firing off the gun in frustration at a wall. He's probably stays down there trying to decide what to do. When he hears Kathryn Erbe scream, I think it jolts him back into action and he goes back up to stop the other father.

    It is possible, of course, that the ghost had intervened in some way to keep him alive in the same way she influenced the kid to leave so that he wouldn't fulfill the 'feathers' ending.

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