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Nov 6, 2008
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Curt Richards
I already own a Yamaha RX-V657 rec and am ready to start putting the rest of the components together to build a HT. The Yamaha does not have HDMI connections available. I want to add a DTV H21-200 sat box, A HL67A750 Samsung DLP and a Samsung Blu-Ray player BD-P2550. Can I run the sat box and the disc player to the TV with HDMI for video while using the SPDIF connections from the sat box and player to the receiver for audio or do I need to go the componet video cable route for video through the receiver and then component video to the TV to the TV. Will component video cables a 1080p signal ? If it doesn't what is the benefit of having a 1080p TV. I am looking for good sound and audio. If I upraded my receiver to HDMI capable I would improve my audio and video by being able to use HDMI cable throughout, correct?


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Oct 5, 2000
You can run video via HDMI and audio via optical. This will allow you to access the regular DD/DTS audio tracks.

For the lossless audio (TrueHD/DTS-HD MA), you either need to upgrade to an HDMI v1.2 or better receiver...or...let the player decode the audio and use the analog outputs on the 2550 to feed the 5.1 inputs on the 657. If you go the analog route, you're at the mercy of whatever bass management and time delay processing the player has; the 657 will only be a volume control (no BM, delays, DACs, YPAO, etc.).

Does it have to be the Samsung 2550? The new Panasonic BD55 is running around the same price and is getting excellent user reviews. It already decodes everything to analog where Samsung is promising the add DTS-HD MA with a firmware upgrade "some time". There are those that say the Samsung's chipset is not capable of DTS-HD MA, only DTS-HD HR so the 2550 may never get DTS lossless, if that matters to you.

I believe the licensing bodies have locked BluRay so that you can't output 1080p via component since any digital copy protection would be lost. In theory, there's no difference between 1080i and 1080p on a display with good deinterlacing. Theory falls apart if the player manufacturer made compromises in the analog output section (component) figuring the money was better spent on the HDMI section.


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