Still more musicals on the way.

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Joe Caps, Mar 1, 2004.

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    Last week we have the announcement of Night and Day - with cary grant. Fun films.
    Today dvdtimes shows a May release from Columbia of Down to Earth. Thsi was a Rita Hayworth title I released for Pioneer Special editions. Later released on colubias own laser label but with liner notes lifted from the original press book that are not correct.
    Columbia back in the forties tried to convince us that we heard Larry Parks with Al Jolsons voice in Jolson story, but now, in Down to earth, we could hear Larry Parks with his own voice.
    Not true. He was dubbed by a guy, who I think is Hal Durwin(?). Hal dubbed for a lot of people, manyof whom could really sing. He dubbed for Lee Bowman in smask up - theStory of a Woman, Lee Bowman in My dream is Yours, Gene Nelson (who usually sang for himself) in Lullaby of Broadway, and Robert Cummings ( who usually sang for himself) in Lucky Me.
    Do any musicals fans know yet of the specs for Disneys upcoming musical releases of Happiest Millionaire, and One and only family band?
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    Great news. One more of Rita Hayworth's musicals to add in my dvd collection. Now I'm just waiting for "Tonight and every night" and, most important, "You were never lovelier".

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