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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Kevin G., May 19, 2005.

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    Ok, as I type this on my new Dell 8400, which I love, and have had ABSOLUTELY NO trouble with. I am fighting a different monster at my workplace!!!
    I recently started receiving crash to blue screens at work.
    Wednesday was the one month birthday of the new machine, (I had it built almost exactly like the one I'm using now)
    I have not been up and running for longer than a week at one time. Within the first two days out of the box, They were out installing a new motherboard... The onboard networking was not responding and the onboard audio was also malfunctioning...
    I then dealt with multiple networking issues...some may remember my mapping troubles, a couple weeks ago.
    Since this blue screen thing, they've attempted to walk me through multiple repairs, and blaming software compatibility... Each help session has continually caused a new and more serious error. I cannot go into safe mode, (which I could originally). The issue has caused me to go down for all of this week, which I need to, normally, communicate daily with insurance companies.
    These problems could cause me to lose accounts with said companies.
    I cannot afford any more delays, or on a more serious note lose data that was in the hard drive of this machine, ( Customer files, insurance databases, assignments, and the like.)
    My question is this, Should I push for a new machine? They say they will not transfer data and are not responsible for the data retrieval, if I hire someone, (providing it's still accessible) My contention is the fact that I haven't been able to fully utilize my machine or back it up since I have taken posession.
    You should know this: I am not one of those people that DEMAND 'everything be taken care of'. In fact I deal with those kind of customers almost daily, and can't stand it.
    I have told Dell that I am willing to do my part, and take the steps needed to get myself up and running, but their support has only taken me backwards. I just cannot have this.
    Their next step is sending a tech and new memory and a hard drive, (which in my mind kinda negates their theory that it's software related!!) and IF we still get a blue screen crash they will send a new system.
    Thanks for listening guys, Your help is always greatly appreciated
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    Sounds like a nightmare Kev. First of all if this computer is for business AND contains databases of important information on the harddrive, you should be working with (2) harddrives in RAID-1 configuration, no excuses. I know first hand the feeling of losing 120gb worth of data when a HD fails on you. : Luckily it wasn't for business.

    Is there an IT guy at your company? 9x out of 10 they'll do a better job of getting your computer back up and running than the out-sourced tech support from Dell.

    If you can't do that then slap the harddrive in your Dell 8400, grab the files you need off of it, put it back in the other machine, and do a fresh Windows install (with RAID-1 implemented mind you! [​IMG]).

    Good luck!
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    Considering this is for your job, I would push for a replacement machine. If they are unwilling to provide this for you in a prompt manner after all you have been through,
    then grab all your info off the hardrive, return it for a refund and purchase a new system.

    In addition, to what Scott said about RAID 1, you can also
    purchase automated offsite disaster recovery/backup, where you load a piece of software, choose your files and it will store it on a server remotely. Catastrophe avoidance/Data Insurance.

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