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  1. Dave Miller

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    May 9, 1999
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    SCC fans, you have a real treat "in store!" My wife surprised me yesterday by bringing home this new DVD of 10 of Steven's videos (I just love the fact that my wife is getting in to this whole HT thing).

    Picture quality varies from great to good depending on the age of the video. The PQ is especially nice on the three newest videos, "Live Out Loud," "When Love Takes You In," and "Dive" all of which were shot in a widescreen AR. My Panny RP-91 does a great scalling job on these and they look very nice. All of the other videos were shot in 4x3. Unfortunately, the videos and menus are all non-anamorphic.

    Sound quality is excellent on the PCM track (48k 16b) for the music. There is no DD track for the music on any of the videos, a little disappointing.

    There are outakes for the "Live Out Loud" video, Director's commentary for "Live Out Loud" and "When Love Takes You In," and a commentary by Steven himself for every single video on the disc. Very cool feature. The commentary tracks are all in DD 2.0.

    I highly reccomend this disc! My wife picked it up at Family Bookstore for $12.99. Can't beat that. Great artist, great guy, and now he's on DVD!


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    Hope you didn't miss Stephen's performance and the rest of the wonderful music talent on PAX's showing of the tribute to gospel music from the White House. Excellent!!! They reaired is Sat so possibly it will be reaired again.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Dave.

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