STEREO or TV upgrade with $1000. What would you do??

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    STEREO or TV upgrade with $1000

    3 years ago i bought a Phillips/Magnavox TV with pip and all. 2 rear av inputs.(Its a nice tv) Blah blah blah. Cost Around $375 at that time. My brother wants to buy it off me for $200
    which leaves me with about $1000-1100 to spend on upgrading.If i do i need the most for my money or not spending it all. I decided to hold off on a big screen since i do play games. Plus i dont watch dvds enough.
    Basically my setup is this
    Phillips/Magnavox 27"
    Kenwood VR-507
    Toshiba sd-1800 dvd
    JBL N26 fronts
    N24 Rears
    Sony SAWM40

    All this is hooked up with good wire, plus all have excelant svideo,etc cables.

    I was going to look tommorow but cant decide on whether to get a tv, bigger speakers or what??? I was looking at both 32" and 36" tvs. Plus new JBL N38's or something bigger for music speakers. The others i love from a ht standpoint.
    Any recommendations will do. I have started looking and did come across some i thought were good prices. Toshiba 36A41 for around $750
    or a Panny CT36D12 for $650.
    Please recommend some good tv choices that are excellant for the price. Or should i just keep what i got and get new ht equip?
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    You could look into a good flat screen 32-36 inch TV...great picture, great for gaming yada..yada...its a lot easier to upgrade the TV could work your way up on the stereo slowly...Those JBLs should be fine...check out the toshiba 32 inch flat screen tv/ or the hd-ready flat screen by them...good a search here...tom

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