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Steel Horse Portable DVD System? (1 Viewer)

West Johnson

Mar 15, 2000
Does anyone know anything about the Steel Horse Portable DVD system? I'm looking for a "rugged" portable DVD player to use in the car on long trips (we've got a three year old and an eight month old). I've seen ads for the Steel Horse Video Traveler VCP system, but a new Brookstone catalog listed a DVD player for $1199.95 - a 6.8" screen and two sets of wireless headphones. I assume that Steel Horse OEM's a DVD player rather than make their own...at that price point, I assume I'm actually getting at $600 portable with some add-ons and OEM markup?


Jun 30, 1997
I somewhat doubt that what they have in this package is a true "portable" DVD player like what Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic and others make. I suspect that it will be a scaled down full-size DVD player that runs on 12V. I will probably be similar to the scaled down VCR's that they use in the VCR versions of this setup. I really wouldn't consider the DVD player that they are probably using to be worth the $600 figure you mentioned. I've seen some of the smaller DVD players (~12" wide) for less than $200. Some of the big electronics chains now carry them specifically for cars. The monitor and wireless headphones are really the only unique features of this setup and you could find some cheaper alternatives to those as well. The ability to take the Steel Horse setup from car to car may appeal to you so if you like the all-in-one concept you may choose to pay the premium price. The Steel Horse setup, based on its components, shouldn't sell for more than $400-$500, in my opinion.
One option might be to buy their VCP system for $279 from Buy.com and then swap out the VCP with a DVD for a few hundred dollars. There are probably other options but that would be cheaper than the pricey package they already have set up.
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