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Jason Bell

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 3, 2002
I've been going through my CDs with my new M22s and I noticed that in the song "You and whose army" by Radiohead there is a lot of crackling for the first minute of the song. Its definitely coming out of the tweeters. The crackling is the only sound coming out of them during these passages with just vocals and a mellow guitar. I cant hear this same crackling in headphones but I dont know if thats just because the cheap headphones only really have one driver and the crackling is blending in with the vocals and guitar. Is this just an effect in the music kinda of sounds like a badly taken care of LP. Could it be that the static is the only thing in the upper frequencies so its the only thing coming out of the tweeters? I tried some classical immediately after this and the violins were working the tweeters pretty hard and I didnt hear any distortion. I havent pushed these speakers hard at all only had them up to like -10 on my Denon 1802 in stereo mode. I'm worried,if someone has this CD could they give it a listen and see if they hear this same sound from there tweeters? Oh yeah the static occurs as almost like an extension of his voice its not random. I hope I've described this well enough. I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions.

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
Just gave it a spin, according to my Rotel JBL S38 combo the static is supposed to be there. Also according to my Sennheiser SH2200 headphones it's supposed to be there.
No worries, your speakers are revealing and you'll notice new things. :)

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