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starz hd is getting boring. (1 Viewer)

allan espinoza

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 1, 2002
i keep seeing the same movies over and over. im thinking that starz might of not been a good option. does anyone else here have any movie channels in hd that show more of a variety in regards of movies?

Jesse Blacklow

Senior HTF Member
Oct 14, 2002
All the movie channels show the same movies over and over again, especially on the HD channels. You might find more variation on channels with original shows and movies (i.e. HBO and Showtime), but I'm not sure it's all that much better.

Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
I only get movies channels for one or two months a year now. We used to have them. I grew up with them on & off. The truth is for the most part they are a ripoff.

It's amazing that the next year they are still showing the same movies. There are thousand upon thousands of movies made, yet they keep showing the same ones.

If I see Lord of the Rings on Starz one more time I think I will flip my lid. It's played like a hundred times a week since released it seems.

Movie channels become very repetitive. I find they are fine for a short while to catch up on original programming, etc., but I wouldnt pay to keep them on a full time basis. Waste of money IMO.

Not to mention you can rent a good 95% of the programming you want.

Might not be HD quality, but when it comes to hudreds of dollars a year, I dont care.

All the hundreds help me pay for something more important down the road.

P.S. Some will say cable/satellite in general is a ripoff, but I do actually use it, so it's not to me. Though it is still stupidly expensive.

If they keep doing rate increases, I can see many ditching it altogether.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 28, 1998
Yea, if ShowtimeHD shows School of Rock (Which I havent and dont want to see)on more time Im gonna scream.

Unfortunately its not just the HD channels. All the movie channels show the same shit over and over again, rotating every few months.

Remember back in the day when you used to watch Cinemax and they had all sorts of movies on there? They dont even show the obscure horror,teen,whatever movies from the 70s and 80s anymore.

I recently went back to Digital Cable from Satellite. DC had better reception adn better options. I like the movie channels on demand option. Ive been able to see Big Fish, Master & Commander,and a few others that Ive missed in theaters, DVD, recently.Plus I like being able to watch older episodes of Deadwood, Sopranos,etc whenever I feel like it.Its a nice option.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 3, 2002
You mean you don't appreciate Peter Pan on 4 times a day? Or Return of the King wiping out virtually half a day with 2 showings? The thing is, when a PG or PG13 hit makes its way to a pay channel, it will take over for a long while.

Michael Hughes

Second Unit
Mar 14, 2003
I just picked up an HD Cable DVD box, not I can pick off movies from INHD, Starz, HBO and the new UHD universal HD channell. I have to say, its really great to be able to grab a few movies in HD at my leisure.

Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
Joke I heard about 20 years ago that still rings true today: HBO stands for "Hey, Beastmaster's On"!


Supporting Actor
Aug 28, 2000
As said, this problem applies to all of the premium HD movie channels. Now that I have a DVR though, I notice a much greater variety of movies, especially regarding the smaller independent films. Unfortunately, they will get perhaps a single showing the entire month, maybe a couple if you're lucky so it takes some planning. I print out the monthly guides from Starz and HBO and highlight the movies that I'm interested in, and take note of the single showings. Note that at least for HBO, many great indie flicks are shown rather consistently at 2am or so.


Jan 14, 2000

Yeah, I've caught some interesting stuff early in the morning, especially on (the unfortunately non-HD) Signature Channel, which I believe is supposed to be the HBO programmed for women. I've seen The Idiots and some of the other Dogme films get played.

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