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Nov 9, 2006
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Hi, I am new to this board. I have been reading the forum this past week, found many interesting options interms of 5.1 speakers, such as av123, hsu, svs... Since I am going to move to NYC, and will be selling my car including the aftermarket audio system. I know I will miss the music that I hear everyday now.
Here is what i have in my car
JL 300/4
JL 250/1
Front speaker Elemental Design 6500s = CDT HD series
Sub Image Dynamics ID10

I like warm smooth sounding speakers (hint i have CDT like speakers), I have read around the forum but not many people talk about warm smooth 5.1 speakers. I will be living in an apartment building so decent bass is fine, dont want to get noise complain too often.

I will be using this in the living room open kitchen with hardwood floors the room size is 12'x19' but minus the kitchen is about 12'x14'. I would say I mostly use this system for 40% movies and 60% music. And I tend to play Jazz, pop, R&B, Trance. and hopefully enough bass or power to serve a house party with friends over once awhile. And hopefully I can have some advice on choosing speakers and reciever for this application.

and my budget is around $1500 max better if its closer to $1000. and this is including the speakers and reciever. And i will hold for the DVD player since I have some getto chinese dvd player that serve me well for the past few years.

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