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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Carmine, Dec 14, 2005.

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    hey guys! ok, well i started calibrating my Sony 55XS955 LCD RPTV last night & need some tips on getting it just right. I'm using a SPYDER2PRO colorimeter to take screen measurements along with a COLORIMETER SPREADSHEET. i started out by adjusting contrast, then brightness using AVIA. brightness setting is at a low 17 ticks in user menu, contrast is up at about 60 ticks. SPYDER screen measurements from 20-100 IRE are pretty close to D65 x 0.3127 y 0.329 (10 IRE way off, guess SPYDER can't accurately read that low). ok, now need some help getting my Gamma curve a bit closer to 2.5. i'm at about 3.0 right now, adjusted CUTS & DRIVES in service as much as possible while keeping RGB color % close to 6500K. by setting Gamma Corrector to low in my user menu helped, but if i bring it up anymore, the blacks start to look too grey. DeltaE is averaging from 2-4 across the IRE scale. i will say one other thing about my low (20-30) IRE's, they look quite a bit reddish. just looking for someone with a bit more knowledge than myself to help me get my greyscale & gamma a bit better.

    thanks so much for everything guys!!!
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    Aside from how Tri stim pods don't work well with bulb based digital devices. You typically get results that are too red.


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