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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Chas_T, Oct 19, 2003.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am considering investing with a few business partners in a start-up software company. However, I have some multiple technical/production questions that I need to resolve as the business goes through the start up process.

    1. How does a developer protect his code from being copied? I've seen Microsoft's and Symantic's current anti-copy methods, which are very attractive, but my guess is they would be cost prohibitive for a small start up company. Also, of course there is the CD Key method which was prevalent before this type of technology. I am not naive enough to believe that either method is bulletproof, but we would need to have something in place to prevent copy protection. Currently, these guys have nothing. Where would either of these methods be found and does anyone have an idea of the cost to add these security methods per disk?

    2. Currently, these guys are just burning CD and using them in their beta testing. I suggested they create their own CD's with some form of professional label on the CD/ROM. Does anyone have any suggestions on what companies would perhaps design and press CD's in small quantities?

    3. We would also need a software package to design/modify a web site and also create a secure ordering process for online purchase. Any suggestions in this area, would be appreciated. The only one I am familiar with is MS's Front Page, which I've never used as I've never done any web design, but am willing to give it a bash.

    Understand that this is a start up company so although everyone knows in this group that to make money, you have to invest money. At the same time, we would like to be as cost conscious as possible. Any thoughts on these or other input would be appreciated. Even if you cannot answer all the questions, it's fine. Feedback is needed.

    Thanks in advance,
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