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    Lately, the woman has been buying me Star Wars Lego sets when ever she goes to the toy store. The Episode II ones are out now. When I was young I thought there should be licensed Lego but since there wasn't the only people we had were the little ones with the two round eyes and a smile. Its nice to finally see individual faces for the different characters. The classic trilogy Storm Trooper has no face on his head. I guess its to represent the faceless masses that are the Storm Troopers, but I'm sure they have a face under there, don't they?

    Anyways, I have an Episode II question if it can be resolved without giving away anything from the movie. I got set 7103 Jedi Duel, with Yoda (who is shorter than the other figures) and Count Dooku. The count has a little speeder vehicle of sorts but there is also a crane like piece of equipment with several moving parts. What is this thing? Some sort of Jedi training device or a tool to fix speeders?

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    I think the crane item plays a role in the battle between Dooku & Yoda.
    I think Dooku hurls the crane at an injured Obi Wan and Anakin, requiring Yoda help the 2 fallen Jedi to keep the crane from crushing them and therefore letting Dooku escape.

    Hope that helps.
    Roll on MAy 17th (here in Ireland)
    As an afterthought, I just got a big box in the mail today with 24 of the basic EP2 figures and 4 of the Deluxe figures. Oh happy days.... [​IMG]

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