Star Wars -- For Kids!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Doug Miller, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Doug Miller
    I don't think there's one of us on here that didn't grow up with Star Wars -- The Originals, the Pre-Trilogy, or the Clone Wars. Odds are if you're a Home Theater guy/gal, Star Wars is on "the list".

    What about those of you with kids? Last year I introduced my oldest daughter to Star Wars, she'd been asking for awhile, but my wife was worried she was too young. When she hit 5 we watched the original first. She was excited, said she liked it. Her favorite part was Princess Leia's hair. By Christmas, Santa was nice enough to bring the girls (I have 2 daughters) a box of Star Wars figures -- I guess he figured I'd like a break from Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop. What my wife thought was a castoff gift under the tree, ended up being the biggest hit. From Christmas to now, I can't think of a day that has gone by that my oldest hasn't wanted to play Star Wars. I'm embarrassed to say that there are days I'd like a break from it! Ha-Ha.

    Since then we watched the rest of the Original Trilogy. We've watched the Clone Wars movie and a few of the episodes so far. I've been avoiding showing her the Pre-Trilogy. I just don't think the Pre-Trilogy's tone fits. Surprisingly, for as goofy as the Clone Wars can be at times, it feels more like Star Wars than the PT. It has charm. Just last week we watched the Original again, this time with my youngest.

    It's awesome that my kids are so into Star Wars. It's cool having your daughter ask when she'll get a Princess Leia, and that they still need a Han Solo. (Not anymore, bought them last week.) I just wish that they would stop hitting me in the face with the electronic lightsabers.

    How's everyone else approached Star Wars with your kids?

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    Aaron Silverman
    I agree that the Clone Wars TV show fits the spirit of the original trilogy better than the prequels did (I haven't seen the movie). My son watches it now and then and enjoys it. He just turned 5, so I'm thinking of introducing the originals to him some time soon. They may be a bit on the violent side for him, though. He's seen Transformers and parts of the sequel, but the action in those is much more cartoonish (most of the violence is done to robots rather than people). I didn't let him watch the recent G.I. Joe movie, which had buckets of blood (go figure).

    I was almost 6 when the first movie came out, and it totally blew my mind. Hopefully my son hasn't been spoiled too much by all the CGI and such -- in 1977 we'd never seen anything like Star Wars before. He's seen parts of stuff like Avatar walking through TV departments in stores. (I also hate that he's seen Toy Story 2 so many times already, since it kind of ruins the big twist in Empire.)
  3. Bob_S.

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    Well, my daughter really hasn't been into SW but I introduced my 7 year old son to SW last year. We first saw the SW Exhibit at the Franklin Institute and in the gift shop my son wanted a Luke Skywalker/X-wing on Dagobah playset but it was Wayyy too expensive. I told him I could get it cheaper off ebay. He got that, a POTF Tie fighter and some sw figures for Christmas last year and he loved them. He will want to watch Empire or ANH every so often but doesn't seem that interested in the Clone Wars.

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