Star Wars and Amazon's Price Guarantee

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Johnny Angell, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Right now, the 6 movie set is selling for $70. Here's a link:

    I I understand correctly the forum software will automatically turn this in to a referral link for HTF. If not, mods feel free to update. BTW, I bought SW via a link that sent me to Amazon,.

    This is the lowest SW has been on Amazon.

    I ordered this last week before the price had dropped. My order shipped on 6/03 and I noticed that the price had dropped. I called Amazon to see if they could give me the lower price (a difference of almost $19).

    The CSR said that if the price drops within 7 days of shipping, the customer will be credited with the difference. I thought Amazon had dropped the price guarantee in total, so this was pleasant news to me.

    I will get a credit to my credit card for the difference.

    I have been an Amazon customer for years and I've yet to have anything less than a satisfactory experience with their customer service. There was one instance when it took about 3 calls to get the result I wanted.
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    As of yesterday, June 7, it was $69 at Best Buy.

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