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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Osato, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Osato

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    Feb 7, 2001
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    I borrowed this dvd from a coworker.

    I saw some cut footage from the Original Series episode Where No Man Has Gone Before that I have never seen before.

    Also they included bits of some of the trailers from the other Star Trek films. I don't think the trailer for Star Trek III is the same one as the one included on the dvd.

    Has anyone seen the dvd / footage?

  2. Roger_R

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    I have some footage from Where No Man Has Gone Before. Looks to be from a VHS release.
    There's a scene with a longer intro spoken by Kirk about leaving the galaxy and going into the unknown, then the Star Trek logo comes up in blue and a different theme is played. After that the very first scene (with Kirk and Spock looking at the monitor) starts.
    Where the teaser ends in the version on the DVD, this one just displays the name of the episode and co-starring credits while people walk back and forth through the corridor. The episode continues with Kirk in the elevator like on the DVD.
    Ofcourse, the different theme is also played during the closing credits with the letters in blue instead of yellow.
    It's too bad they didn't add any of this to the DVDs...
  3. CraigL

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    Jan 16, 2000
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    Any good star wars stuff?

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