Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far


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Nov 29, 2006
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Now some people are saying that he was referring to Simply the musical score being remixed into Atmos. That seems odd that they would remix the score into Atmos and then do what? -- re-release it again? I mean the musical score has been released multiple times. Seems pretty odd that instead of remastering the movie itself they just want to keep upgrading the musical score? I sure hope that's not the case.
I mean I know that the pandemic may have slowed things down and they don't want to Spill the Beans too soon if they are releasing the movie but one would think talking about restoring the movie will only build excitement for the release not spoil the excitement.
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Feb 7, 2001
I know that one of Paramount’s biggest concerns is that people will say they will buy a new version of the film and then won’t buy it.

I was wondering if this release may end up on the paramount presents line.

It would be nice to know the full story in why wrath of khan 4k UHd Blu Ray was informally announced and then never released.

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Feb 9, 2014
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Agreed, great thread! I mostly post and discuss Star Trek in the other threads. But I'm going blu-ray soon!

A Blade Runner treatment of Star Trek The Motion Picture would be terrific, but I doubt the love for The Motion Picture is there to get a SE set that nice! What's been suggested on this thread though sounds great for an TMP SE. All three versions sounds doable and a lengthy doc on the making of the first film would be terrific. The doc in the last TMP DVD had some good stuff, but it just touched the surface. Tributes are certainly in order to recognize those contributors to the films and series.

It would be interesting if someone would finance the FX to do Star Trek 5 the way Shatner wanted. It's still possible, there's still time and I bet Shatner is willing to help!

I know we're talking the films here, but my first love is TOS. We do know what the first Season will contain as I bet all the features will port from the HD-DVD to the Blu-Ray and the same features that were started for the Second Season before HD-DVD ceased will be ported over, then all's left is the Third Season to do the same contents.
it should be made federal law all copies of Star Trek V must include a rifftrax track be made an integral part of the presentation

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