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Scott D S

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Feb 23, 2000
Van Nuys, CA
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Scott Saslow
Welcome to the HTF!

Just a couple of questions. I tried to make them interesting.

1. Will you be contributing to any future Star Trek DVD/Blu-Ray releases? Also, at the time I read that you worked with William Shatner on the Star Trek V SE DVD. Can you tell us about that?

2. During the brief period when Sony controlled MGM's home video distribution (before Fox took over), there was a new edition of The Usual Suspects announced with new features (and presumably a new transfer). Is this release something that might happen later on or is it MIA?


Oct 20, 2008
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Robert Meyer Burnett

Scott, thanks for the questions.

Regarding future Trek releases, I can pretty confidently say I won't be. I contributed the Orson Welles narrated television spots to THE MOTION PICTURE director's cut DVD...and I did the commentary and the Shatner interview on the Trek V DVD, but beyond that, I probably won't have anything to do with future releases.
As far as the studio goes, and because of the people involved, TREK is a difficult proposition. As you may have noticed, all the Trek docs must include a lower third identifying each episode any shots are from. This is to make sure all the documentaries are clearly "promotional" in nature and can't really be considered "new" content, which is unfortunate. While I'd love to do a three hour Trek documentary, it would simply be impossible for Paramount Home Video to produce. However, I'm sure the upcoming Trek film will have an outstanding DVD, as it won't be bound by the same constraints, because the entire cast, with one exception, is new to the Trek universe.
As for SUSPECTS? When Sony took over the MGM catalog, I was working on a box set for Bryan Singer's "Indie" years. I was hoping to do a special edition for Public Access, a new Suspects, Apt Pupil and include his first half hour short Lion's Den, which starred Ethan Hawke and Bryan himself. Unfortunately, this idea was later killed. Fox took back SUSPECTS and we did make a half-hearted attempt to add to the existing documentaries, and we did a piece in HD called "The Secret Origin of Bryan Singer," dealing with his Sundance win and the road to the creation of Usual Suspects, but we never delivered it to Fox.
I really liked the work we did on the first SUSPECTS special edition, aside from not getting the participation of Chris McQuarrie. It was inducted into the Cannes Film Festival's permanent collection after all.
Tom Grane, a former Fox exec turned DVD Producer, who did the VALYKRIE DVD, I've heard was doing something for a new SUSPECTS, but Bryan himself told me he's said enough about the film.

Thanks for asking!

Have a better day.


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