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Star Cops Complete Series - Worst DVD Packaging Ever!! (1 Viewer)


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Sep 13, 2004
I was pleased when Star Cops was announced for DVD. A short lived (9 episodes) but thought provoking, well written and realistic science fiction/drama/cop show. Made by the BBC and broadcast in 1987.

I thought it was pricey at £29.99 over £3 per 50 minute episode. But a great series so I decided to part with my hard earned wedge, and ordered it from my usual supplier.

It arrived on Saturday. I was surprised when I opened the package as inside was what looked like a standard DVD box and I knew this was a three disk release.

But my surprise turned into astonishment and horror when I opened the box to check the DVDs. Inside was indeed three DVDs how they’d achieved this feat was by making the central spindle, on which a single DVD is normally placed, slightly taller. They’d then just packed the three DVDs one on top of another.

You can’t get the DVDs out without taking them all off the spindle, well I suppose you can is you’re very careful as you remove it and the one you want happens to be on the top. But this is the singularly worst packaging I’ve ever seen.

I mean I don’t like it when they make the case with two spindles and then overlap the DVDs but this is just dreadful.

The pioneering company that came of with this idea is Network TV. Rest assured I’ll be dropping them a line letting them know what I think.

Cees Alons

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Jul 31, 1997
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Cees Alons

(1) This type of case is discussed more often already on this forum - and seldom in a positive way.

(2) Assuming you're talking about an R2 release, I'm moving this thread to the 'Different Regions Forum'.

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