Standing in the Shadows of Motown to have HD WMP9 encoding

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Eric F, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Eric F

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    Sep 5, 1999
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    It appears the whole movie will be in a higher def WMP9 format on the DVD-ROM packaged with the DVD. Remains to be seen how good this is, but since I already use a HTPC this is the perfect match for me.

    For $12 I found this hard to pass up, now it's even better.
  2. Scott L

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    Wowie wow!! Never thought about watching a full-length High-def movie on the PC. I wish I had an HD projector with DVI in but looks like I'll have to settle with my monitor since all I can use is S-video from HTPC to TV. [​IMG]

    This movie is just rocking Rotten Tomatoes, and if it has anything to do with Motown I'm sure it will have a kickass soundtrack. [​IMG] Just in case people are wondering DDDVD is the vendor that has this for $12.22 shipped. Be aware that this movie was shot in 4:3.

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