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    I just bought a used Sony KP-41T65 (SD, 41", 3 yrs old)for cheap. I am very picky and hate how I see red and blue edges on different objects appearing near the corners of the screen. It does not have any type of automatic digital convergence.

    I have procured a DVD with Avia test pattern, and have spent hours learning about Service Mode and have even become familar with all the adjustments that affect convergence.

    I have scanned the internet exhaustively and have not found any documented "technique" to setting convergence. Not what the specific service codes mean (because that is too vendor/model-specific), but is there a generally accepted procedure on where to start and where to finish? For example:

    1. Set the center

    2. Set the size

    3. Set the blue color first with the blue filter and get the lines straight (pin, bow, etc).

    4. Set the green after the blue.

    5. Set the red after the green.

    I mean, there has to be some standard technique so you're not chasing your own tail. The last thing I worked on that was similar to this was Rubik's Cube!

    Thanks for any input,


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