Stand Alone Tivo HookUp Question

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Steven Simon, May 10, 2004.

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    Steven Simon
    Hey Guys,

    I bought my mother a stand alone Tivo Unit to work with her Cabelvision Digital Cable....

    Problem is, she is so used to her VCR days she is flipping out..... With her older setup, she had an A/B switch and used the VCR to record. Problem is with the new Tivo, I took the Switch out. She was able to tape with the VCR, and watch Tv at the same time with the A/B. Now, the way I have it setup, I took the switch out, and now while the Tivo is recording, she can't watch anything else. Is there any way to integrate the A/B switch into this setup....

    I'm running Cable from wall, into Digital Cable Box Non HD, into Tivo via Composite, into Tv via Composite..... TV is an older Sony with max composite video....

    Also I'm using these little IR reapeters on top of the Cable Box... I tried using the old cable remote to change a setting in the cable box, and it worked very slow, and weird....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....
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    Don't use a switch; use a splitter.
    cable from wall -> splitter
    splitter -> cable box -> Tivo
    splitter -> TV

    Then she can watch unscrambled analog channels on the TV while the Tivo records something else.

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