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stand alone denon avr3808, or less powerful receiver paired with an amp? (1 Viewer)


Dec 2, 2001
Uh, guys, i am moving to a new place, and i am going to have a room which is around 4.5 meter wide, around 6 to 7 meter in length, and around 2.8 meter in height. speakers are monitor audio gs10 ( front and sides ), gs-lcr, and psb image1b for the rears. Currently using denon avr2802, which is really good for my ears except that explosions during dvd playback lacks punch. the sub is svs pb10isd which i purchased in 2003. "lacks punch" means i compared what i heard at local theater...explosions sounded much bigger compared what i have at home currently. Outside of the loud explosion, i still prefer my own sound system to what they have in that theater.

I want to upgrade the denon to avr3808, but i am wondering if an avr2808 were more than enough when coupled with a cheap rotel amp rated at 100 watts per channel.

Oh, I am going to have a samsung 46 inch LCD tv at full HD resolution, a blue ray player in the future, and a nintendo wii. Dont need more than 3 video input. I mean, I dont need too many HDMI input because I dont have time for videogames anymore.

Any advice? thanks.


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Jan 6, 2008
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You should definitely go with the 3808ci vs the 2808. I say this mainly because the 3808ci is unlockable for Audyssey Pro calibration. A professional installer can help you get the absolute finest sound possible from your surround sound set-up. Using the Audyssey Installer Kit and MultEQ Professional software, an installer can sample more points in your room, tailor the sound more precisely and provide you with a certificate detailing the before and after measurements to clearly demonstrate the improvements. You won't believe the difference.
After the Audyssey Pro software is run, and you listen to it "on" and "off", you will be quite amazed how much better it sounds using the correction. Now using the Audyssey MultEQ-XT alone is quite good, but the Pro version quadruples the number of positions measured. This, coupled with the greater processing power available to compute you algorithm, can far exceed what you get normally.

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