Stage Door Canteen (1943)

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    Just rambling around the IMDB Tallulah Bankhead entry I've discovered that Stage Door Canteen is coming to DVD this month. It won't have DTS but it will fill your screen with just about every star with a pulse that year. Lot's of music too including Count Basie.
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    Doug Bull
    It is welcome news to me as it is the only Laserdisc Musical that I never got to own.

    I'm pretty sure that it is in public domain, but this new Image release, is said to originate from the original negative.

    So it hopefully will look better than any other previous Video release that it has had.

    It's not the greatest Flick of all time and certainly is not as good as Warner's "Hollywood Canteen", but it is entertaining and certainly has an impressive guest list.

    Any old Musicals released to DVD is good news.( so keep them coming)

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