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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Paul_Warren, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Paul Warren
    Dear Mr Blythe,

    Well done. The transfer for ST5 is a big improvement over the 1999 one I also have. Audio is still great for the era. Love some of the extras you have managed to compile (especially the rockman & bridge press conference footage). All in all a very worthy purchase.

    Thank you for that and I hope that ST6 is as good. For ST6 please can you look into including an elaborate FX shot ILM completed of a camera sweep around the Enterprise in the battle for peace finale. Nick Meyer cut this from the final film for pacing reasons although part of it is included in the battle for peace chapter.

    However, on ST5 I noticed on my CRT projector a 2 sec video glitch in Chapter7 00:41:34 to 00:41:36. A thin blue vertical line is visible for approx 2 secs. This is not present on the 1999 release.

    Best Wishes
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    Though I wont be buying this one because I just cant sit through this one again I have heard theres a lot of cut footage from Six and Seven so I hope that we get to see that.
    How about a Cast commentary on The Undiscovered Country since its the Original Cast Swan song and a Cast commentary for Gernations since it's their first?

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