SSX Tricky hints for GCN (and PS2?)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chad Seymour, Dec 5, 2001.

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    Morning all,

    I've been playing the GCN version of Tricky for a week or so now and I have to say the game rocks! I understand that it is just a port of the PS2 version so the courses and shortcuts are probably the same, correct?

    I was looking for shortcuts / new routes on Snowdream last night and couldn't really find any. There are 3 SSX signs that I have found, but they all lead to plain old rail slides. Anybody found anything else?

    Also, the "Uncharted Course" is really cool. There is no track like on the standard levels. You Heli-drop into powder and freeride down the mountain. Really cool.

    As far as gameplay, I can't really tell if I've noticed any frame rate slowdowns, but occasionally, when I soup up for an Uber Trick, I notice the RUN DMC tricky music seems to be slower than usual. Is this supposed to be that way or is it bogging down? It's not enough to be a problem, but it is noticable.

    And how about that Mercury City run, does that not rock???

    Anybody else got any comments on or about this game/levels/shortcuts/hints, etc.???


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