Split or Mono out with Dual SVS subs?

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    Oct 6, 2000
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    I just recieved my second 20-39CS sub today, I'm running them both off the Samaon S700. I have the Yamaha DSP-A1 and It has Both split sub outs and a mono out on the back, It's currently setup mono out into the Samson Channel 1 and switched to the parallel position. It sound great but I was wondering If I ran the split out from the Yamaha into the Samson Channel 1 and 2 and switched it to stereo would there be any advantage to this type of hook up?
    I'd also like to thank SVS for putting a HUGE smile on my face.
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    Glad the second woof is keeping a smile on your face,
    I'd just run a single cable to the Samson and let it internally split the signal like you're doing now. I believe the Yammy's just do the same thing(split the mono subwoofer signal) and send it to both sub outputs. Even IF the Yammy did something like a basic stereo seperation of the bass from the main L/R channels...the results wouldn't be predictable. In many cases...running *stereo* subwoofers degrades the overall response signature when a variety of seating positions is considered.

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