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    Hey all, I have come to the conclusion that I need your help!

    In my long search for the right combo of speakers for my future HT I have narrowed the search to 2 sets of surrounds. First, we have JBL S36 for fronts and S26 for rears, heard these at the local Best Buy and they sounded good although the treble sounded a tad too crisp and loud than I prefer.

    Second, we have the Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 all around. I recently read a review in Sound & Vision Mag on these and it described them as "lower tone sounding", with less crisp treble. These sound like a good choice for my listening preference but have not heard them in person. I'm not much of an electric guru and these speakers have a 6 ohm rating opposed to the normal 8 ohm rating, is this going to cause a problem?

    Both sets of speakers are priced similarly and I will most likely be using either an Onkyo SR600 or a Pioneer 811S receiver to power them. Either set I get will be using an SVS sub so no subs are needed from either set. The room that will be used is approx 21Lx13Wx7.5H. Thanks for any information that can be provided!
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    If you decide to go with the Diamond 8.1s, the Pioneer 811S will not work for you. It doesn't handle loads belw 8ohm. If you tried to use it with a 6ohm load, it would most likely shut down onece you past moderate volumes. I'm not sure how the Onkyo would react to a 6ohm load.
    One thing to keep in mind, the JBL Studio series is a fairly bright speaker due to their 1" solid titanium tweeter. That said, your local best buy probably does not have an ideal listening environment OR ideal gear driving it. In a home environment with heavy curtains, padded carpet, and furniture, the birghtness of the Studio series will likely toned down noticably. The S36s are very smooth speakers, mainly because they are the only sealed enclosure in the Studio line. They lack the bass extensino of the S38s, and even the S26s, but as you said, this won't be an issue since you're going to be using an SVS.
    What is your price range? Were you planning on buying online? If so, the S36AWs are available at an amazing price of $170 a pair at a couple of different online vendors. Only problem is, you have to like white [​IMG]
    Hope this helps.

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