split component video with Y cable?

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    Have RPTV and an old normal TV with component video in. I would like to split my component out on DVD player to connect to both TV's (to save miles on the RPTV for kids movies, etc). I was thinking two component cables and three 2F/1M Y cables from Monster Cable. Would this degrade the signal to my big TV with 6 inches of Y cable added to my 6 foot component cable (the $50 radio shack one)? Other ideas are welcome.
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    I'm afraid thats a bad idea.

    It's not signal strength that the problem - it's cable impedence.

    It's very critical to use a VIDEO cable made with 75 ohm impedence coax for video. (Coaxial digital cables are made with the same stuff.)

    Using the wrong kind of coax, or poor connectors, can cause signal reflections in the cable. This causes a variety of display problems.

    Adding in a dumb "Y" splitter will really mess things up.

    A better choice would be to send the Component video to the old tv (Are you sure it's 3 RCA connectors and not just 1 for "Composite" video to the old TV), and send SVideo to the 50".

    This would actually wind up costing less - just take advantage of the extra outputs on your TV.

    Or, for the kids TV, buy a "RF Modulator" that people use when they only have CATV inputs. This box for $30 will take the audio & Composite video from the DVD and convert it to Channel 3.

    There WILL be a bit of quality loss, but the kids wont care.

    Good Luck.

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