SPHE Press Release: The Memory of a Killer (Read Ron's Note on this film)

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    Note: I had read some extremely positive reviews of this film at the time of its release. This looks to be a foreign film that should be placed on every enthusiast's must-see list

    “A fast-paced and stylish thriller!”
    Leslie Camhi, The Village Voice


    Official Belgium Entry, Academy Awards
    Official Selection, Toronto Film Festival

    Debuts on DVD February 21, 2006

    Culver City, CA (December 12, 2005) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is honored to announce the DVD release of The Memory of a Killer on February 21, 2006. This exciting thriller from Belgium director Erik Van Looy will be available on DVD for an SLP of $24.96.

    Based on a detective novel by best-selling Belgium writer Jef Geeraerts, The Memory of a Killer is an intriguing action film about an aging hitman who finds himself struggling both with his conscience and with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Michael Wilmington, in the Chicago Tribune, praised this film, calling it “as slick, fast and terrifyingly violent as a top-grade American crime thriller, but a lot smarter than most.” “As exciting and involving as it is brainy,” said Glenn Kenny in Premiere.

    The Memory of a Killer won five Joseph Plateau Awards (the equivalent of the British BAFTAs) and was the selection for the Toronto Film Festival and the official Belgium entry for the Academy Awards.


    His memory impaired by Alzheimer’s, veteran assassin Angelo Leddo (Jan Decleir) is appalled to discover his intended target is a 12-year old girl. Refusing to kill her, Leddo breaks his contract, only to have his boss carry out the hit instead. Incensed, Leddo vows vengeance and sets out to find the man who ordered the child’s death. Systematically wiping out middlemen and go betweens, Leddo leaves a blood trail that is followed by Chief Inspector Vincke (Koen De Bouw), a police detective who’s desperate to learn what links the dead girl with the most powerful men in Belgium. And so, with the cops one step behind him and his memory fading fast, Leddo finds himself in a race against time as he tries to avenge a child whose face he can no longer recall.

    DVD Features

    A Night to Remember – The Premiere of The Memory of a Killer
    Behind-The-Scenes of The Memory of a Killer
    Audio: Dutch 51
    Subtitles: English

    Year of Theatrical Release: 2003 (Belgium) 2005 (USA)
    Rated R for violence, sexuality and nudity
    Running Time: 123 Minutes
    DVD Catalog #: 12657
    DVD UPC Code: 0-43396-12657-2
    DVD Order Date: January 19, 2006
    DVD SLP: $24.96
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    Sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for it! [​IMG]
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    Should I mention to Sony's publicity department that "Belgium" is not an adjective? [​IMG]

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