SPHE Press Release: The Jeffersons - The Complete Fourth Season

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    Return to the “De-Luxe Apartment in the Sky”


    Groundbreaking Emmy Award®-Winning Sitcom from Producer Norman Lear
    Debuts October 11 in a Three-Disc DVD Set

    Culver City, CA (August 1, 2005) –Revisit America’s funniest family when THE JEFFERSONS: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON arrives on DVD October 11 from
    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Created by legendary producer Norman Lear (“All in the Family,” “Sanford and Son”), The Jeffersons smashed stereotypes and served up social satire to become one of the most popular and longest-running sitcoms in television history. The three-disc DVD set featuring 26 episodes will be available for $29.95 SLP.

    Originally a mid-season replacement, The Jeffersons debuted on CBS in 1975 as a spin-off of the hit series All in the Family. The Jeffersons chronicles the rise of George (Sherman Hemsley) and Louise Jefferson (Isabel Sanford), a middle-aged African-American couple who own a string of successful dry cleaning stores. George and Louise’s newfound wealth prompts them to “move on up” to a ritzy hi-rise in New York City where the wacky tenants provide the Jeffersons with more than their share of headaches, heartaches and laughs. The show’s colorful cast of supporting characters includes son Lionel (Mike Evans), quick-witted maid Florence (Marla Gibbs), next-door neighbors Tom (Franklin Cover) and Helen Willis (Roxie Roker),
    and bumbling Englishman Harry Bentley (Paul Benedict). During its remarkable 10 year run, The Jeffersons was nominated for 8 Golden Globes® and 13 Emmys, winning one for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy (Sanford).

    The fun continues in the fourth season when George has a run-in with President Jimmy Carter, Louise is kidnapped and Lionel joins the family business. Gary Coleman (“Diff’rent Strokes”) also guest stars as George’s young nephew, Raymond.


    •Digitally mastered Audio and Video
    •Full Screen Presentation
    •Audio: English
    •Bonus Previews

    Not Rated
    Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 600 minutes
    DVD Catalog # 12054
    UPC Code: 0-43396-12054-9
    Order Date: 9/8/05
    SLP: $29.95
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    I'm all over this set! I'm just glad they're picking up the pace finally with this. I waited so long for season three, I almost gave up hope. It's great to know that season 4 is being promptly released. Here's hoping the rest of the seasons are as well. I became a fan of this show thanks to the DVD releases. Every episode is new to me, so I'm definitely looking forward to another 26 reasons to laugh. Can't wait.
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    Wow, another season ! Has it been 2 years already ? LOL. I too am glad they're continuing with this series. But I cannot understand why this and other titles such as All In The Family are taking sssooo lllooonnnggg to come out when they include no real extras. Are they selling so badly that they are having to wait a long time between releases ?

    As Ja'net Dubois sings in the theme song: "took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill . . . " Here's hoping there's more seasons over that hill.

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