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SPHE Press Release: The Accidental Husband

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ronald Epstein, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Ronald Epstein

    Ronald Epstein Founder

    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein

    "The funniest romantic comedy of the year."
    - Paul Christensen, MovieWeb.com
    Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Heat Up the Screen In The Romantic Comedy


    Also Starring Acting Legends Sam Shepard and Isabella Rossellini
    Arriving on DVD November 10
    Special Features Include a Making-of Featurette

    Culver City, Calif. (8/31/09) – Viewers will be swept off their feet when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment ushers the whimsical romantic comedy The Accidental Husband onto DVD on November 10, 2009 for the SRP of $24.96. A steady stream of shenanigans ensue when a jilted firefighter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” P.S. I Love You) seeks revenge on relationship expert and talk show host, Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman - The Producers, Be Cool), who advises his fiancée to leave him at the altar. Directed by Griffin Dunne (Practical Magic, Addicted to Love) and produced by Thurman, The Accidental Husband features an all-star cast including Colin Firth (Mamma Mia!, Bridget Jones’s Diary), Oscar® nominee Sam Shepard (Felon, The Right Stuff), Isabella Rossellini (Wyatt Earp, Infamous) and Justina Machado (TV’s “Six Feet Under,” Torque). The special features promise to deliver satisfaction with the making-of featurette that explores the fun the cast had behind-the-scenes.
    The Accidental Husband Synopsis
    Firefighter Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finds his life turned upside-down when his fiancée suddenly calls off their pending nuptials per the recommendation of radio love guru Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman). Determined to get back at this “love doctor,” Sullivan forges a fake marriage license, “accidentally” marrying him to Emma, who’s already engaged to Richard (Colin Firth). But as Patrick's charms begin to wear Emma down, she must decide which of these bachelors is her “Mr. Right.” Also starring Sam Shepard, Justina Machado and Isabella Rossellini in this romantic comedy that proves even the experts need to learn a few love lessons now and then.
    Special Features Include:
    · Matters of the Heart: The Making-of Featurette
    The Accidental Husband is directed by Griffin Dunne (Practical Magic, Addicted to Love); written by Bonnie Sikowitz (TV’s “Scrubs,” “Spin City”) and first-time screenwriters Mimi Hare and Clare Naylor; and produced by Uma Thurman (Girl Soldier), Jason Blum, Jennifer Todd and Suzanne Todd. It was executive produced by Brad Jenkeel (Assassination of a High School President, Dumb & Dumber), Anthony Katagas (We Own the Night) and first-time producers Neil Kadisha and Kam Mateen. The film stars Thurman, Colin Firth (Mamma Mia!, Bridget Jones’s Diary), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,”P.S. I Love You), Sam Shepard (Felon, The Right Stuff), Isabella Rosselini (Wyatt Earp, Infamous), Lindsay Sloane (She’s Out of My League, Bring It On) and Justina Machado (TV’s “Six Feet Under,” Torque).

    The Accidental Husband has a run time of 91 minutes and is rated PG-13 for some sexual content and brief strong language. Visit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on the Web at www.SonyPictures.com.

    The Accidental Husband
    Catalog #: 27459
    UPC Code: 043396274594
    Order Date: 11/5/09
    SLP: $24.96

  2. Nicholas Vargo

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    Oct 4, 2001
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    La Mesa, CA
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    Nicholas Vargo
    Well this is an odd straight-to-DVD announcement. I really thought this one would get released in theatres. Must be I Could Never Be Your Woman all over again, only this time not as good.

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