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    Three Family Films For One “Little” Price!



    Three-Disc Set Available on DVD October 3, 2006!

    Culver City, CA (June 30, 2006) – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment proudly announces the release of all three Stuart Little films in a must-have box set just in time for holiday gift giving. Fans of America’s favorite tiny friend can now own all three fun family adventures -- Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 and, Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild, in the Stuart Little Movie Collection for an extremely affordable $39.95 SLP. Based on the characters created by beloved children’s author E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpet of the Swan), the Stuart Little films revolve around Stuart, a spirited youngster, who has been adopted by the Little family. Despite his short stature, Stuart refuses to feel Little in a world of tall people. Whether driving a car, flying a plane or sailing a boat, adventure is always around the corner for Stuart Little!

    The Stuart Little films boast all-star casts that include Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Michael J. Fox (Spin City) as the voice of Stuart, Oscar® winner and Golden Globe® winner Geena Davis (The Accidental Tourist, Commander in Chief), Golden Globe® winner and Emmy® nominee Hugh Laurie (House) as Mr. and Mrs. Little, Tony® winner and Emmy® nominee Nathan Lane (The Producers) as the voice of Snowbell*, Oscar® nominee and Golden Globe® winner Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) as Margalo the Bird**, and Oscar® nominee James Woods (Ghosts of Mississippi) as Falcon**, Oscar® and Golden Globe® nominee Virginia Madsen (Sideways) as The Beast*** and Emmy® winner Wayne Brady (TV’s Whose Line is it Anyway, The Wayne Brady Show) as Reeko the Skunk***.

    * Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2
    ** Stuart Little 2
    *** Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

    Extras on the Stuart Little Collection include commentary tracks, behind the scenes featurettes, gag reels, deleted scenes, games, music videos and more.


    Stuart Little

    When Mr. and Mrs. Little visit an orphanage, they fall in love with Stuart (Michael J. Fox) immediately; however, their older son, George, has reservations as his new brother is “somewhat like a mouse.” Determined to win George over, Stuart winds up embroiled in one exciting adventure after another. From sailing a boat on the high seas of the Central Park pond to helping out Snowbell, the family cat, who has gotten involved with a gang of shady felines, Stuart always manages to overcome the obstacles posed by a world of people bigger than he.

    Stuart Little 2

    In the blockbuster’s sequel, our pint-sized hero must journey through the city with a reluctant Snowbell in an effort to rescue Margalo (Melanie Griffith), his new bird friend, from the villainous Falcon (James Woods).

    Stuart Little: Call of the Wild

    In this all-animated movie, the Little family takes a vacation at a lakeside cabin. Stuart can't wait to spend the summer canoeing, hiking and becoming a scout. However, lurking in the forest is the Beast (Virginia Madsen), a mean and isolated creature who rules the other animals with an iron paw. When Snowbell is taken prisoner, a Little bravery goes a long way as Stuart, along with his new friend, Reeko (Wayne Brady), a skunk, sets out to rescue him and free the other woodland creatures. It's a big job for a Little guy, but someone's got to do it!

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    OK, but in what ratio? Widescreen or, God forbid, fullscreen? I'd love to get the original feature in widescreen!

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