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    An Epic Drama in the Tradition of Troy,
    Capturing the Glory and Savagery of the Roman Empire

    Debuts on DVD September 6, 2005

    Culver City, CA (June 27, 2005) -- His name resonates through the centuries, summoning a world of decadence, corruption and violence. He is Nero, the emperor who watched the Roman Empire burn‹and his story plays out in all its epic drama in the new Sony Pictures Home Entertainment release NERO, which follows the fabled emperor from his sudden ascension to power at the behest of his cruel uncle Caligula, to his tragic downfall as the once-mighty empire began to falter. Due out on DVD on September 6, 2005, NERO follows recent films like Troy and Gladiator in recreating the grandeur, the folly, the tyranny, the pageantry and the savagery of one of the most glorious and also brutal ancient civilizations. The DVD will have an SLP of $24.96.

    Directed by Paul Marcus (a director and producer of the acclaimed British series Prime Suspect), NERO is a dramatic, epic screen treatment of the emperor who had to battle enemies at every turn, from his own mother Agripinna (angered that Caligula had murdered her husband and claimed her son as his heir) to the Roman army that Nero once commanded. The film boasts an international cast that includes Mattias Habich (the Oscar®-nominated Downfall and the Oscar®-winning Nowhere in Africa) and Laura Morante (The Dancer Upstairs, Mike Figgis¹s Hotel). Starring as Nero is the Scottish actor Hans Matheson (Les Miserables, Still Crazy and the title role in the 2002 British television adaptation of Doctor Zhivago).

    The Emperor Caligula has gone mad. Murdering his sister¹s husband under the pretext of conspiracy, he exiles her and takes her son Lucius as his heir. Lucius begins his historical legacy as Nero, but his rule is haunted by revenge, bloodlust and deception. Brought to the throne by a counterfeit will, the Emperor battles enemies at every turn. Wracked by fear and paranoia, Nero eventually finds that his own army has become his enemy, and he falls victim to the Rome he once ruled.

    Year of Original Release: 2004
    Running Time: 193 minutes
    Audio: English 5.1
    Subtitles: English, French
    Aspect Ratio: 1:78
    Bonus Previews
    DVD Catalog #: 11899
    DVD Order Date: August 4, 2005
    DVD SLP: $24.96
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    This must be a made-for-tv movie. Has anyone seen it? I'm such a sucker for movies like this, but when poorly produced (i.e. television-produced) they really make me cringe. Any info?

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