SPHE Press Release: I Dream Of Jeannie: The Complete First Season

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    All 30 Episodes Arrive in a Four-Disc DVD Set,
    Available in Color or Original Black and White

    Culver City, CA (January 2, 2006) – Jeannie, the beautiful blonde genie, appears in a cloud of pink smoke along with Majors Nelson and Healy when I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete First Season debuts on DVD March 14 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Featuring all 30 episodes and exclusive interviews with the stars, the four-disc DVD set is available in both the original black and white presentation as well as in color on separate DVD sets. Each set is priced at $39.95 SLP.

    Created by Sidney Sheldon, I Dream of Jeannie premiered on September 18, 1965, and immediately enchanted viewers, lasting for 139 eye-blinking, belly-button-hiding episodes over five seasons. The series was originally developed by NBC as a rival for ABC’s top-rated Bewitched (both series were even filmed at the same time on the same lot). While comparisons between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched were understandable, especially since they both featured supernatural female leads asked to keep their powers "in check," I Dream of Jeannie maintained a sweet-slapstick integrity and playfulness that was uniquely its own.

    I Dream of Jeannie’s success was due in no small part to the romantic chemistry between Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden. They became overnight stars and Ms. Eden received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress. The first season was rushed through production since, after landing the role, Eden discovered she was pregnant and all episodes needed to be completed before she began to show. First season guest stars included Dabney Coleman (Nine to Five, War Games), Bill Mumy (TV’s “Lost in Space”) and Maureen McCormick (TV’s “Brady Bunch”).


    Stranded on a remote desert island after his space capsule malfunctions, NASA astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) comes upon a mysterious pink bottle and releases a beautiful genie. “Jeannie” (Barbara Eden), as she is called, is more than two thousand years old and can make objects instantly materialize or control any situation with the blink of an eye. Delighted to be released she eagerly vows to please her new master when he is rescued and returns to Florida with her. Jeannie’s well-meaning use of her magic regularly gets Tony into wildly improbable dilemmas. The only other person who knows of her existence is Tony's best friend, Army Major Roger Healey, and together they are always conspiring to keep Jeannie a secret from everyone else.

    The I Dream of Jeannie cast reunited for several television features, with I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991) and I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years After (1985). Columbia Pictures is currently developing a feature film version of I Dream of Jeannie set for release in 2006, starring Kate Hudson as Jeannie and Jimmy Fallon as Maj. Tony Nelson.

    DVD Special Features Include:

    Digitally Remastered Audio and Video
    Full Screen Presentations
    Audio (color version): English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Audio (B&W version): English
    Subtitles(color version): Spanish, Portuguese
    Commentary on Pilot Episode with Barbara Eden, Bill Daly and Larry Hagman
    Featurette: I Dream of Jeannie Out of the Bottle
    Bonus Previews
    Closed Captioned

    I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete First Season has a run time of approximately 535 minutes and is not rated. Artwork is available at www.SPHEPUBLICITY.COM. Visit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on the Web at www.SonyPictures.com.

    Colorized Version
    DVD Catalog # 13695
    UPC Code: 0-43396-13695-3
    Order Date: 2/9/06
    SLP: $39.95

    Black & White
    DVD Catalog # 12949
    UPC Code: 0-43396-12949-8
    Order Date: 2/9/06
    SLP: $39.95
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    Thanks for the news info. We "Jeannie" fans (HTF gang) been waiting a long time for this one [​IMG]

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