SPHE Press Release: Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero (Blu-ray)

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    Sylvester Stallone Hangs On in

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in the Action Adventure

    Each Release Includes Blu-ray Exclusive Special Feature movieIQ™

    CULVER CITY, CALIF. (November 2, 2009) – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment hits the action high notes with the January 12 Blu-ray debuts of Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero. Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, First Blood) stars with John Lithgow (TV’s “Dexter,” “3rd Rock From the Sun”), and Janine Turner (TV’s “Friday Night Lights,” “Northern Exposure”) in Director Renny Harlin’s (Die Hard 2) adrenaline-fueled action thriller Cliffhanger, about a botched mid-air heist that results in disparate groups searching for suitcases full of cash throughout the Rocky Mountains. Arnold Schwarzenegger heads an all-star cast including Academy Award® winners F. Murray Abraham (Best Actor, Amadeus, 1984) and Art Carney (Best Actor, Harry and Tonto, 1974) in Director John McTiernan’s (Die Hard) action-adventure-comedy Last Action Hero. Featuring cameo appearances from James Belushi, Chevy Chase, Little Richard, Maria Shriver, Sharon Stone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chris Connelly, and Danny DeVito, Last Action Hero is a post-modern take on action movies about a golden ticket that’s handed down from Houdini, putting a boy in the middle of a Hollywood superstar’s world. Both films include the Blu-ray exclusive special feature, movieIQ, and will be available separately for $24.95 SRP each.

    Cliffhanger Synopsis:
    Whilst crossing a ledge 4000 feet above the earth, Gabe’s (Stallone) friend’s equipment fails to work and she slips out of his hand, falling to the ground. Almost a year later, Gabe is asked to go back to the same mountain range and rescue a group of ‘stranded’ people. The only catch is that the so-called ‘stranded’ people are in fact looking for three boxes filled with $100,000,000 and they need a mountain ranger to lead them to them to the treasure.

    Cliffhanger Bonus Features Include:
    § movieIQ
    § Commentary with Director Renny Harlin and Sylvester Stallone
    § Technical Crew Commentary
    § A Personal Introduction from Renny Harlin
    § Deleted Scenes
    § Stallone on the Edge: The Making of Cliffhanger
    § Special Effects Featurettes
    § Storyboard Comparisons
    § Original Theatrical Trailer
    § Introduction to the Deleted Scenes with Renny Harlin.
    § 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

    Last Action Hero Synopsis:
    Young Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) is a big fan of the larger-than-life action hero Jack Slater (Schwarzenegger). When his best friend, Nick (Robert Prosky) the projectionist, gives him a magic ticket to the new Jack Slater film, Danny is transported into Slater’s world, where the good guys always win. One of Slater’s enemies, Benedict (Charles Dance) the hitman, gets hold of the ticket and ends up in Danny’s world, where he realizes that if he can kill Schwarzenegger, Slater will be no more. Slater and Danny must travel back to the real world and stop him.

    Last Action Hero Bonus Features Include:
    § movieIQ
    § 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

    Both Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero are BD-Live enabled and feature movieIQ™, allowing users to get connected and go beyond the disc via an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. movieIQ™ connects to real-time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie. BD-Live also provides the opportunity to view exclusive content, register for Blu-ray Club rewards, provide feedback through our survey and experience interactive special features.

    The Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club rewards consumers in the U.S. for purchasing and registering BD-Live enabled Sony Blu-ray movies. Members can redeem accumulated points for cool Sony products, plus enter to win cash and prizes in daily sweepstakes and more. For details visit www.sonyrewards.com/bluray.
    Cliffhanger has a running time of approximately 113 minutes and is rated R for violence and language. Last Action Hero has a running time of approximately 130 minutes and is rated PG-13. Artwork and digital clips are available at www.sphepublicity.com. Visit Sony Home Entertainment on the Web at www.SonyPictures.com.
    “Academy Award®” and “Oscar®” are the registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    BD Catalog # 33621
    UPC Code: 043396336216
    Order Date: 12/10/09
    SLP: $24.95

    Last Action Hero
    BD Catalog # 22991
    UPC Code: 043396229914
    Order Date: 12/10/09
    SLP: $24.95
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    Last Action Hero is such a great, under-rated movie that was poorly treated on dvd with a non-anamorphic transfer and a later re-release that omited the widescreen side of the disc. While it would have been nice to see some extras I'm more than happy just to have a copy of the film in HD.

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